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In case of emergency
Hazard warning flasher switch

Hazard warning flasher switch

Push the switch on to warn other drivers when you must stop or park under emergency conditions.

All turn signal lights flash.


  • If stopping for an emergency, be sure to move the vehicle well off the road.
  • Do not use the hazard warning flashers while moving on the highway unless unusual circumstances force you to drive so slowly that your vehicle might become a hazard to other traffic.
  • Turn signals do not work when the hazard warning flasher lights are on.

The flashers will operate with the ignition switch placed in any position.

Some jurisdictions may prohibit the use of the hazard warning flasher switch while driving.

Emergency engine shut off (Push-button ignition models only)

To shut off the engine in an emergency situation while driving, perform the following procedure:

  • Rapidly push the push-button ignition switch three consecutive times in less than 1.5 seconds, or
  • Push and hold the push-button ignition switch for more than 2 seconds.
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