Nissan Versa
 sedan Owners Manual
Pre-driving checks and adjustments


1. Pull the hood lock release handle 1 located below the instrument panel until the hood springs up slightly.

2. Locate the lever 2 in between the hood and grille and push the lever sideways with your fingertips.

3. Raise the hood 3 .

4. Remove the support rod and insert it into the slot 4 .

Hold the coated parts when removing or resetting the support rod. Avoid direct contact with the metal parts, as they may be hot immediately after the engine has been stopped.

When closing the hood, return the support rod to its original position, lower the hood to approximately 12 in (30 cm) above the latch and release it. This allows proper engagement of the hood latch.


  • Make sure the hood is completely closed and latched before driving. Failure to do so could cause the hood to fly open and result in an accident.
  • If you see steam or smoke coming from the engine compartment, to avoid injury do not open the hood.
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    Remote keyless entry system (if so equipped)

    NISSAN Intelligent Key (if so equipped)


    Trunk lid

    Fuel-filler door

    Steering wheel

    Sun visors


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    Nissan Versa sedan Owners Manual


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