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RADIATOR CAP : Inspection

  • Check valve seat (A) of radiator cap.

(B) : Metal plunger

  • Replace the cap if the metal plunger cannot be seen around the edge of the black rubber gasket.
  • Replace the cap if deposits of waxy residue or other foreign material are on the black rubber gasket or the metal retainer.


  • Pull negativepressure valve to open it, and check that it closes completely when released.
  • Check that there is no dirt or damage on the valve seat of radiator cap negativepressure valve.
  • Make sure that the valve operates properly while opening and closing.


  • Check radiator cap relief pressure using a suitable tool (A) and Tool (B).

Tool number (B) : EG17650301 (J33984A)

  • When connecting the radiator cap to the Tool (B), apply water or coolant to the cap seal surface.
  • Replace radiator cap if there is an abnormality in the negativepressure valve, or if the radiator cap does not perform within specifications.



When installing radiator cap, thoroughly wipe out the radiator filler neck to remove any waxy residue or foreign material.

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