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Sensor Input signal to ECM ECM function Actuator
Crankshaft position sensor (POS) Engine speed*3 Piston position Ignition timing control Ignition coil (with power transistor)
Camshaft position sensor (PHASE)
Mass air flow sensor Amount of intake air
Engine coolant temperature sensor Engine coolant temperature
Throttle position sensor Throttle position
Accelerator pedal position sensor Accelerator pedal position
Park/neutral position (PNP) switch*1 PNP signal
Transmission range switch*2
Battery Battery voltage*3
Knock sensor Engine knocking
Combination meter Vehicle speed*4

*1: M/T models *2: A/T models or CVT models *3: ECM determines the start signal status by the signals of engine speed and battery voltage.

*4: This signal is sent to the ECM through CAN communication line.


Firing order: 1 3 4 2 The ignition timing is controlled by the ECM to maintain the best airfuel ratio for every running condition of the engine. The ignition timing data is stored in the ECM.

The ECM receives information such as the injection pulse width and camshaft position sensor signal. Computing this information, ignition signals are transmitted to the power transistor.

During the following conditions, the ignition timing is revised by the ECM according to the other data stored in the ECM.

  • At starting
  • During warmup
  • At idle
  • At low battery voltage
  • During acceleration

The knock sensor retard system is designed only for emergencies. The basic ignition timing is programmed within the antiknocking zone, if recommended fuel is used under dry conditions. The retard system does not operate under normal driving conditions. If engine knocking occurs, the knock sensor monitors the condition.

The signal is transmitted to the ECM. The ECM retards the ignition timing to eliminate the knocking condition.

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    P0444, P0445 EVAP canister purge volume control solenoid valve

    P0447 EVAP canister vent control valve

    P0448 EVAP canister vent control valve

    P0451 EVAP control system pressure sensor

    P0452 EVAP control system pressure sensor

    P0453 EVAP control system pressure sensor

    P0456 EVAP control system

    P0460 fuel level sensor

    P0461 fuel level sensor

    P0462, P0463 fuel level sensor

    P0500 VSS

    P0506 ISC system

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    P050a, P050b, P050e cold start control

    P0520 EOP sensor

    P0524 engine oil pressure

    P0603 ECM power supply

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    P0643 sensor power supply

    P0850 PNP switch

    P1078 EVT control position sensor

    P1148 closed loop control

    P117A air fuel ratio

    P1212 TCS communication line

    P1217 engine over temperature

    P1225 TP sensor

    P1226 TP sensor

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