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P0078 EVT control solenoid valve

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Engine control system

Structure and operation

Engine control system

Multiport fuel injection system

Electric ignition system

Air conditioning cut control

Cooling fan control

Evaporative emission system

Intake valve timing control

Exhaust valve timing control

Engine protection control at low engine oil pressure

Fuel filler cap warning system

Automatic speed control device (ASCD)

Automatic speed control device (ASCD)

Diagnosis description


Diagnosis and repair workflow

Additional service when replacing ECM

Accelerator pedal released position learning

Throttle valve closed position learning

Idle air volume learning

Mixture ratio selflearning value clear

Basic inspection

Fuel pressure check

How to set SRT code

How to erase permanent DTC

Trouble diagnosis specification value

Power supply and ground circuit

U0101 can comm circuit

U1001 CAN comm circuit

P0011 IVT control

P0014 EVT control

P0031, P0032 A/F sensor 1 heater

P0037, P0038 HO2s2 heater

P0075 IVT control solenoid valve

P0078 EVT control solenoid valve

P0101 MAF sensor

P0102, P0103 MAF sensor

P0111 IAT sensor

P0112, P0113 IAT sensor

P0116 ECT sensor

P0117, P0118 ECT sensor

P0122, P0123 TP sensor

P0125 ECT sensor

P0127 IAT sensor

P0128 thermostat function

P0130 A/F sensor 1

P0131 A/F sensor 1

P0132 A/F sensor 1

P0137 HO2s2

P0138 HO2s2

P0139 HO2s2

P014C, P014D, P015A, P015B, A/F sensor 1

P0171 fuel injection system function

P0181 FTT sensor

P0182, P0183 FTT sensor

P0196 EOT sensor

P0197, P0198 EOT sensor

P0222, P0223 TP sensor

P0300, P0301, P0302, P0303, P0304 misfire

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