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Crash zone sensor

Exploded View

Exploded View

1. Crash zone sensor 2. Bracket A. Nut Front

Removal and Installation



  • Before servicing, turn ignition switch OFF, disconnect battery negative terminal and wait three minutes or more.
  • Do not use the air tools or electric tools for servicing.


  • Do not impact the crash zone sensor.
  • Replace the crash zone sensor if it has been dropped or sustained an impact.
  • Replace the crash zone sensor of deployed driver air bag and deployed passenger air bag.
  1. Remove the crash zone sensor nut, then remove the bracket and crash zone sensor from radiator support bracket in front of vehicle.
  2. Disconnect the harness connector from the crash zone sensor.
  3. Remove crash zone sensor.



Installation is in the reverse order of removal.


  • Make sure the locating pin on crash zone sensor is aligned with the cutout hole of the radiator support bracket before tightening nut.
  • Do not use the old nut after removal, replace with new nut.
  • Do not damage the harness while installing.
  • If malfunction is detected by the air bag warning lamp, after repair or replacement of the malfunctioning parts, reset the memory using self-diagnosis or CONSULT. Refer to SRC "SRS Operation Check" or SRC "CONSULT Function (AIR BAG)".
  • After the work is completed, check that no system malfunction is detected by air bag warning lamp.
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