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When cleaning the rear window, it may be easier to clean if the high-mounted stop light (if so equipped) is removed first.

Be careful when removing the high-mounted stop light to reduce the risk of damaging the high-mounted stop light wires.

To remove the high-mounted stop light: 1 Push toward rear of vehicle.

2 Lift to remove.

The high-mounted stop light must be properly reinstalled before driving your vehicle.

Use glass cleaner to remove smoke and dust film from the glass surfaces. It is normal for glass to become coated with a film after the vehicle is parked in the hot sun. Glass cleaner and a soft cloth will easily remove this film.


When cleaning the inside of the windows, do not use sharp-edged tools, abrasive cleaners or chlorine-based disinfectant cleaners. They could damage the electrical conductors, radio antenna elements or rear window defroster elements.

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