Nissan Versa
 sedan Owners Manual
Illustrated table of contents
Instrument panel

Instrument panel

1. Headlight/turn signal switch/fog light switch (if so equipped)

2. Driver's supplemental air bag (P. 1-39) Horn

3. Meters and gauges. Warning and indicator lights

4. Wiper and washer switch

5. Vents

6. Rear window defroster switch

7. Front passenger air bag status light

8. Hazard warning flasher switch

9. Climate controls

10. Audio system

11. Passenger's supplemental air bag

12. Glove box

13. Power outlet

14. Shift lever

15. Cup holders

16. Ignition switch (if so equipped). Push-button ignition switch (if so equipped)

17. Cruise control switches (if so equipped)

18. Tilt steering

19. Audio control switches. Bluetooth Hands-Free Phone System switches

20. Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) OFF switch

21. Fuel-filler door release lever. Hood release lever

22. Electronic outside rearview mirror control switch

Refer to the page number indicated in parentheses for operating details.

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    Nissan Versa sedan Owners Manual / Illustrated table of contents / Instrument panel

    Nissan Versa sedan Owners Manual


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