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Special Service Tools

The actual shapes of KentMoore tools may differ from those of special service tools illustrated here.

Tool number (KentMoore No.) Tool name Description
KV10111100 (J37228) Seal cutter   Removing oil pan (lower and upper) etc.
KV10116200 (J26336B) Valve spring compressor 1. KV10115900 (J2633620) Attachment 2. KV10109220 ( - ) Adapter   Disassembling and assembling valve mechanism Part (1) is a component of KV10116200, but Part (2) is not so.
KV10112100 (BT8653A) Angle wrench  Tightening bolts for main bearing cap, cylinder head, etc.
KV10117100 ( - ) Heated oxygen sensor wrench  Loosening or tightening heated oxygen sensor 1 For 22 mm (0.87 in) width hexagon nut
KV10107902 (J38959) Valve oil seal puller  Removing valve oil seal
KV10115600 (J38958) Valve oil seal drift  Installing valve oil seal Use side A.

a: 20 (0.79) dia. d: 8 (0.31) dia.

b: 13 (0.51) dia. e: 10.7 (0.421) c: 10.3 (0.406) dia. f: 5 (0.20) Unit: mm (in)

EM03470000 (J8037) Piston ring compressor  Installing piston assembly into cylinder bore
ST16610001 (J23907) Pulley puller  Removing pilot converter
KV11103000 ( - ) Pulley puller  Removing crankshaft pulley
KV11105210 (J44716) Stopper plate  Holding drive plate and flywheel static

Commercial Service Tools

Tool name Description
Power tool  Loosening nuts, screws and bolts
Quick connector release  Removing fuel tube quick connectors in engine room
Spark plug wrench  Removing and installing spark plug a: 14 mm (0.55 in)
Pulley holder  Crankshaft pulley removing and installing
Valve seat cutter set Finishing valve seat dimensions
Piston ring expander  Removing and installing piston ring
Valve guide drift  Removing and installing valve guide
Valve guide reamer  (1): Reaming valve guide inner hole (2): Reaming hole for oversize valve guide
(J4389718) (J4389712) Oxygen sensor thread cleaner  Reconditioning the exhaust system threads before installing a new air fuel ratio sensor (Use with antiseize lubricant shown below.) A: [18 mm (0.71 in) dia.] for zirconia heated oxygen sensor B: [12 mm (0.47 in) dia.] for titania heated oxygen sensor C: Mating surface shave cylinder D: Flutes
Acoustic tension gauge  Checking drive belt tension
Antiseize lubricant (Permatex 133AR or equivalent meeting MIL specification MILA907)  Lubricating oxygen sensor thread cleaning tool when reconditioning exhaust system threads
Manual lift table caddy  Removing and installing engine
1. Compression gauge 2. Adapter  Checking compression pressure
Tube presser  Pressing the tube of liquid gasket
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