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Rear parcel shelf finisher

Exploded View

Exploded View

1. High-mounted stop lamp 2. Rear parcel shelf finisher 3. Seat belt finisher 4. Seatback latch cover 5. Top tether strap anchor 6. Top tether strap anchor finisher Front Pawl

Removal and Installation


  1. Remove high-mounted stop lamp. Refer to EXL "Removal and Installation".
  2. Remove rear pillar finisher. Refer to INT "REAR PILLAR FINISHER : Removal and Installation".
  3. Remove rear seat belt floor anchor bolts. Refer to SB "SEAT BELT RETRACTOR : Removal and Installation".
  4. Release seat belt finisher pawls using a suitable tool (A) and remove seat belt finisher.

: Pawl


  1. Fold rear seatbacks down (60:40 split seatback) or remove fixed seatback. Refer to SE "Removal and Installation - Fixed Seatback".
  2. Remove seatback latch cover clips and seatback latch cover.
  3. Remove rear parcel shelf finisher clips (A).


    8.   Pull rear parcel shelf finisher toward front and remove rear parcel shelf finisher.

: Front


    9.   Release anchor finisher pawls and remove anchor finishers and anchors from rear parcel shelf finisher (if necessary).


Installation is in the reverse order of removal.

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