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Refilling Engine Coolant

    1.   Install the radiator drain plug. Install the reservoir tank and cylinder block drain plug, if removed.


  • Be sure to clean drain plug and install with a new Oring.
  • Apply sealant to the threads of the cylinder block drain plug. Use Genuine High Performance Thread Sealant or equivalent.

    2.   Set the vehicle heater controls to the full HOT and heater ON position. Turn the vehicle ignition ON with the engine OFF as necessary to activate the heater mode.

    3.   Install the Tool by installing the radiator cap adapter onto the radiator neck opening. Then attach the gauge body assembly with the refill tube and the venturi assembly to the radiator cap adapter.

Tool number : KV991J0070 (J45695)

    4.   Insert the refill hose into the coolant mixture container that is placed at floor level. Make sure the ball valve is in the closed position


Do not use any cooling system additives such as radiator sealer. Additives may clog the cooling system and cause damage to the engine, transmission and/or cooling system.


Use recommended coolant or equivalent.

    5.   Install an air hose to the venturi assembly. The air pressure must be within specification.

Compressed airsupply pressure: 549 824 kPa (5.6 8.4 kg/cm2,80 119 psi)


The compressed air supply must be equipped with an air dryer.

Refilling Engine Coolant

    6.   The vacuum gauge will begin to rise and there will be an audible hissing noise. During this process open the ball valve on the refill hose slightly. Coolant will be visible rising in the refill hose. Once the refill hose is full of coolant, close the ball valve. This will purge any air trapped in the refill hose.

    7.   Continue to draw the vacuum until the gauge reaches 28 inches of vacuum. The gauge may not reach 28 inches in high altitude locations; use the vacuum specifications based on the altitude above sea level.

Altitude above sea level Vacuum gauge reading0 100 m (328 ft) : 28 inches of vacuum

300 m (984 ft) : 27 inches of vacuum

500 m (1,641 ft) : 26 inches of vacuum

1,000 m (3,281 ft) : 24 25 inches of vacuum

Refilling Engine Coolant

    8.   When the vacuum gauge has reached the specified amount, disconnect the air hose and wait 20 seconds to see if the system loses any vacuum. If the vacuum level drops, perform any necessary repairs to the system and repeat steps 6 8 to bring the vacuum to the specified amount. Recheck for any leaks.

    9.   Place the coolant container (with the refill hose inserted) at the same level as the top of the radiator. Then open the ball valve on the refill hose so the coolant will be drawn up to fill the cooling system. The cooling system is full when the vacuum gauge reads zero.


Do not allow the coolant container to get too low when filling, to avoid air from being drawn into the cooling system.

    10. Remove the Tool from the radiator neck opening.

    11. Fill the cooling system reservoir tank to the specified level and install the radiator cap. Run the engine to warm up the cooling system and top up the system as necessary.

    12. Install engine under cover.

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