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Engine Cooling System

M/T models

M/T models

CVT and A/T models

CVT and A/T models

Engine Cooling System Schematic

M/T models

M/T models

CVT and A/T models

CVT and A/T models


Troubleshooting Chart



Check items
Cooling system parts malfunction Poor heat transfer Water pump malfunction Worn or loose drive belt
Thermostat stuck closed Thermostat
Damaged fins Dust contamination or paper clogging
Physical damage
Clogged radiator cooling tube Excess foreign material (rust, dirt, sand, etc.)
Reduced air flow Cooling fan does not operate Fan assembly
High resistance to fan rotation
Damaged fan blades
Damaged radiator shroud Radiator shroud
Improper engine coolant mixture ratio Engine coolant viscosity
Poor engine coolant quality Periodic maintenance
Insufficient engine coolant


Engine coolant leakage Cooling hose Loose clamp
Cracked hose
Water pump Poor sealing
Radiator cap Loose
Poor sealing
Radiator Oring for damage, deterioration or improper fitting
Cracked radiator tank
Cracked radiator core
Reservoir tank Cracked reservoir tank
  Overflowing reservoir tank Exhaust gas leaking into cooling system Cylinder head deterioration
Cylinder head gasket deterioration
Except cooling system parts malfunction Overload on engine Abusive driving High engine rpm under no load
Driving in low gear for extended time
Driving at extremely high speed
Power train system malfunction
Installed improper size wheels and tires
Dragging brakes
Improper ignition timing
Blocked or restricted air flow Blocked bumper Installed front bumper fascia cover
Blocked radiator grille Mud contamination or paper clogging
Blocked radiator Blocked air flow
Blocked condenser
Installed large fog lamp
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