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Exploded View

Exploded View

1. Stabilizer bar 2. Stabilizer clamp 3. Stabilizer bushing 4. Stabilizer connecting rod 5. Strut assembly 6. Front suspension member Front

Removal and Installation


  1. Remove wheel and tire assemblies using power tool. Refer to WT "Adjustment".
  2. Remove stabilizer connecting rod.
  3. Remove the pinch bolt and separate the intermediate shaft from the lower joint. Refer to ST "Removal and Installation".
  4. Remove the engine rear torque rod.
  5. Position a suitable jack under front suspension member.

    CAUTION: Do not damage the front suspension member with jack.

  6. Remove front suspension member bolts. Refer to FSU "Removal and Installation".
  7. Gradually lower jack front suspension member in order to remove stabilizer bolts.
  8. Remove the stabilizer clamp bolts, stabilizer clamps and stabilizer bushings from front suspension member.
  9. Remove stabilizer bar.



Check stabilizer bar, stabilizer connecting rod, stabilizer bushing, and stabilizer clamp for deformation, cracks, and damage. Replace it if necessary.


Installation is in the reverse order of removal.

  • Install the stabilizer bushing with the slit (A) facing the rear of the vehicle.

: Rear


  • To install stabilizer clamp bolt, temporarily tighten them in numerical order as shown and tighten them to the specified torque.

: Front


  • Install the stabilizer connecting rod (1) by tightening the nut with the hexagonal part (A) on the stabilizer connecting rod side.
  • Perform final tightening of bolts and nuts with the vehicle under unladen conditions with tires on level ground.
  • Perform inspection after installation. Refer to FSU "Inspection and Adjustment".


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