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Unexpected pedal reaction

Diagnosis Procedure


Check brake pedal stroke. Refer to BR "Inspection and Adjustment".

Is the stroke too big?

YES >>

  • Bleed air from brake line and hose. Refer to BR "Bleeding Brake System".
  • Check brake pedal, brake booster, and master cylinder for mount play, looseness, brake system fluid leakage, etc. Refer to brake pedal: BR "Inspection and Adjustment" or brake booster assembly BR "Inspection".

NO >> GO TO 2


  1. Disconnect ABS actuator and electric unit (control unit) connector to deactivate ABS.
  2. Check if braking force is normal in this condition.
  3. Reconnect connector after inspection.

Is the inspection result normal?

YES >> Inspection End.

NO >> Check brake system.

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    Component parts


    Diagnosis system [abs actuator and electric unit (control unit)]

    ABS Actuator and electric unit (control unit)

    Diagnosis and repair work flow

    Adjustment of steering angle sensor neutral position

    C1101, C1102, C1103, C1104 Wheel sensor

    C1105, C1106, C1107, C1108 Wheel sensor

    C1109 Power and ground system

    C1110, C1153, C1170 ABS Actuator and electric unit (control unit)

    C1111 Pump motor

    C1115 ABS Sensor [abnormal signal]

    C1116 Stop lamp switch

    C1120, C1122, C1124, C1126 ABS In valve system

    C1121, C1123, C1125, C1127 ABS Out valve system

    C1130 Engine signal

    C1140 Actuator relay system

    C1142 Press sensor

    C1143 Steering angle sensor

    C1144 Incomplete steering angle sensor adjustment

    C1145, C1146 Yaw rate/side/decel g sensor

    C1155 BR Fluid level low

    C1164, C1165, C1166, C1167 CV/SV System

    U1000 CAN Comm circuit

    U1002 System comm (CAN)

    Parking brake switch

    VDC OFF Switch

    ABS Warning lamp

    Brake warning lamp

    VDC OFF Indicator lamp

    Slip indicator lamp


    Excessive ABS Function operation frequency

    Unexpected pedal reaction

    The braking distance is long

    Pedal vibration or ABS operation sound occurs

    Vehicle jerks during VDC/TCS/ABS control

    Wheel sensor

    Sensor rotor

    ABS Actuator and electric unit (control unit)

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