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A/C Unit assembly

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Exploded View

1. Cap 2. Steering member 3. Cap 4. Bracket 5. A/C unit assembly Pawl

Removal and Installation

CAUTION: Perform oil return operation before each refrigeration system disassembly. However, if a large amount of refrigerant or oil is detected, do not perform oil return operation. Refer to HA "Perform Oil Return Operation".

NOTE: When removing components such as hoses, tubes/lines, etc., cap or plug openings to prevent fluid from spilling.


  1. Use refrigerant collecting equipment (for HFC-134a) to discharge the refrigerant. Refer to HA "Recycle Refrigerant".
  2. Drain engine coolant from cooling system. Refer to CO"Draining Engine Coolant".
  3. Remove low-pressure flexible hose and high-pressure pipe. Refer to HA "Removal and Installation" and HA "Removal and Installation" (if equipped).

    CAUTION: Cap or wrap the joint of the A/C piping and expansion valve with suitable material such as vinyl tape to avoid the entry of air.

  4. Remove clamps and disconnect heater hoses from A/C unit assembly (if equipped).
  5. Remove the instrument panel assembly. Refer to IP "Removal and Installation".
  6. Disconnect drain hose from A/C unit assembly.
  7. Disconnect the necessary harness connectors and clips required to remove the steering member. Position the vehicle harness as necessary.
  8. Remove the BCM screws.
  9. Remove the J/B screws.
  10. Remove ground bolts.
  11. Remove the bolts, steering member and A/C unit assembly.
  12. Remove bolts and A/C unit assembly from the steering member.


Installation is in the reverse order of removal.


  • Do not reuse O-rings.
  • Apply A/C oil to the O-rings of the low-pressure flexible hose and high pressure flexible pipe for installation.
  • After charging the refrigerant, check for leaks. Refer to HA "Leak Test".

NOTE: Refer to CO "Refilling Engine Coolant" when filling radiator with engine coolant.

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