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Drive belt idler pulley

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Drive belt idler pulley

1. Generator bracket 2. Center shaft 3. Spacer 4. Adjusting bolt 5. Washer 6. Idler pulley 7. Plate

Removal and Installation


  1. Remove the fender protector (RH).
  2. Remove the air duct inlet assembly.
  3. Remove drive belt.
  4. Remove the lock nut, and then remove the plate, idler pulley, and washer.
  5. Remove the center shaft together with the spacer and the adjusting bolt.


  1. Insert the center shaft (1) into the slide groove of the spacer (2).Fully screw in the adjusting bolt (3) in the belt loosening direction ( ).
  • At that time, place the flange (a) of the adjusting bolt and the seat (b) of the center shaft on the spacer.
  1. Place each surface (c and d) of the spacer on the generator bracket. Install the washer, idler pulley, and plate, and then temporarily tighten the lock nut.

Lock nut (Temporary tightening) : 4.4 N*m (0.45 kgm, 39 inlb)

Drive belt idler pulley

  1. Installation is in the reverse order of removal.
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