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General Precautions


When replacing fuel line parts, be sure to observe the following.

  • Put a "CAUTION: FLAMMABLE" sign in the workshop.
  • Be sure to work in a well ventilated area and furnish workshop with a CO2 fire extinguisher.
  • Do not smoke while servicing fuel system. Keep open flames and sparks away from the work area.


  • Use gasoline required by the regulations for octane number. Refer to GI, "Fuel (Regular Unleaded Gasoline Recommended) HR16DE".
  • Before removing fuel line parts, perform the following procedures:
  • Put drained fuel in an explosion-proof container and put the lid on securely. Keep the container in safe area.
  • Release fuel pressure from the fuel lines. Refer to EC, "Work Procedure".
  • Disconnect the battery cable from the negative terminal.
  • Always replace O-ring and clamps with new ones.
  • Do not kink or twist tubes when they are being installed.
  • Do not tighten hose clamps excessively to avoid damaging hoses.
  • After installing tubes, check there is no fuel leakage at connections in the following steps.
  • Apply fuel pressure to fuel lines with turning ignition switch "ON" (with engine stopped). Then check for fuel leakage at connections.
  • Start engine and rev it up and check for fuel leakage at connections.
  • Use only a Genuine NISSAN fuel filler cap as a replacement. If an incorrect fuel filler cap is used, the MIL may come on.
  • For servicing "EVAPORATIVE EMISSION SYSTEM" parts, refer to EC, "EVAPORATIVE EMISSION SYSTEM : System Diagram".


Special Service Tool

Special Service Tool

Commercial Service Tools

Commercial Service Tools



Inspect fuel lines, fuel filler cap, and fuel tank for improper attachment, leakage, cracks, damage, loose connections, chafing or deterioration.

(A) : Engine

(B) : Fuel line

(C) : Fuel tank

If necessary, repair or replace damaged parts.


Quick Connector


  • After connecting fuel tube quick connectors, check quick connectors are secure.
  • Ensure that connector and resin tube do not contact any adjacent parts.
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    General Precautions

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