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How to select piston and bearing


Selection points Selection parts Selection items Selection methods
Between cylinder block and crankshaft Main bearing Main bearing grade (bearing thickness) Determined by match of cylinder block bearing housing grade (inner diameter of housing) and crankshaft journal grade (outer diameter of journal)
Between crankshaft and connecting rod Connecting rod bearing Connecting rod bearing grade (bearing thickness) Combining service grades for connecting rod big end diameter and crankshaft pin outer diameter determine connecting rod bearing selection.
  • The identification grade stamped on each part is the grade for the dimension measured in new condition.

    This grade cannot apply to reused parts.

  • For reused or repaired parts, measure the dimension accurately. Determine the grade by comparing the measurement with the values of each selection table.
  • For details of the measurement method of each part, the reuse standards and the selection method of the selective fitting parts, refer to the text for the appropriate part.
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