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1. Crankshaft position sensor cover 2. Crankshaft position sensor (POS) 3. Oring 4. Drain plug 5. Cylinder block 6. Oil level gauge 7. Oil level gauge guide 8. Oring 9. Knock sensor 10. Oil temperature sensor 11. Oil pressure sensor 12. Oil jet 13. Top ring 14. Second ring 15. Oil ring 16. Piston 17. Piston pin 18. Connecting rod 19. Connecting rod bearing (upper) 20. Main bearing (upper) 21. Thrust bearing 22. Crankshaft key 23. Connecting rod bolt 24. Connecting rod cap 25. Connecting rod bearing (lower) 26. Main bearing (lower) 27. Crankshaft 28. Pilot converter (A/T and CVT models) 29. Signal plate 30. Rear oil seal 31. Drive plate (A/T and CVT models) 32. Reinforce plate (A/T and CVT models) 33. Flywheel (M/T models) 34. Main bearing cap 35. Main bearing cap bolt

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Cylinder block

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