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  • Turn the ignition switch OFF and disconnect battery negative terminal before performing work.
  • Do not spill or splash brake fluid on painted surfaces. Brake fluid may seriously damage paint. Wipe it off immediately and wash with water if it gets on a painted surface.


  1. Check that there is no foreign material in the reservoir tank, and refill with new brake fluid.


  • Do not reuse drained brake fluid.
  • Do not allow foreign matter (e.g., dust) and oils other than brake fluid to enter the reservoir tank.
  1. Loosen the bleeder valve, slowly depress the brake pedal to the full stroke, and then release the pedal. Repeat this operation at intervals of 2 or 3 seconds until new brake fluid is discharged.

    Then close the bleeder valve with the brake pedal depressed.

    Repeat the same work on each wheel.

  2. Perform the air bleeding. Refer to BR "Bleeding Brake System".
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