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Transmitter wake up operation


This procedure must be performed after replacement of a transmitter or the BCM, or rotation of the wheels.

Work Procedure

NOTE: This procedure must be done after replacement of a TPMS transmitter or BCM. New replacement transmitters are provided "asleep" and must first be "woken up" using Transmitter Activation Tool J-45295 or Signal Tech II Tool J-50190 before ID registration can be performed. Use the following procedure when using the Transmitter Activation Tool J-45295.

NOTE: The Signal Tech II Tool (J-50190) can be used to perform the following functions. Refer to the Signal Tech II User Guide for additional information.

  • Activate and display TPMS transmitter IDs
  • Display tire pressure reported by the TPMS transmitter
  • Read TPMS DTCs
  • Register TPMS transmitter IDs

    1.   Turn the ignition switch ON.

NOTE: The position of an inactive transmitter can be identified by checking the blinking timing of the low tire pressure warning lamp.                                       

  1. Place transmitter activation tool (J-45295) (1) against side of tire at location closest to transmitter.
  2. Press and hold transmitter activation tool button until indicator lamp turns OFF (approximately 5 seconds).

    NOTE: Perform wake-up procedure starting from front left wheel, then repeat procedure for front right wheel, rear right wheel, and rear left wheel.

  3. Check that turn signal lamps blink twice when transmitter wakeup procedure for all wheels is completed.
  4. Check that low tire pressure warning lamp turns OFF after transmitter wake-up procedure is completed for all wheels.
  5. Perform the transmitter ID registration procedure. Refer to WT, "ork Procedure".

Work Procedure

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