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Instruments and controls
Power outlets

Instrument panel
Instrument panel

Console (if so equipped)
Console (if so equipped)

The power outlets are for powering electrical accessories such as cellular telephones. The outlets are rated at 12 volt, 120W (10A) maximum.


The outlet and plug may be hot during or immediately after use.

  • Only certain power outlets are designed for use with a cigarette lighter unit. Do not use any other power outlet for an accessory lighter. It is recommended that you visit a NISSAN dealer for additional information
  • Do not use with accessories that exceed a 12 volt, 120W (10A) power draw.
  • Do not use double adapters or more than one electrical accessory.
  • Use power outlets with the engine running to avoid discharging the vehicle battery.
  • Avoid using power outlets when the air conditioner, headlights or rear window defroster is on.
  • Before inserting or disconnecting a plug, be sure the electrical accessory being used is turned off.
  • Push the plug in as far as it will go. If good contact is not made, the plug may overheat or the internal temperature fuse may open.
  • When not in use, be sure to close the cap. Do not allow water or any other liquid to contact the outlet.
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    Nissan Versa sedan Owners Manual / Instruments and controls / Power outlets

    Nissan Versa sedan Owners Manual


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