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Precaution for Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) "AIR BAG" and "SEAT BELT PRE-TENSIONER"

The Supplemental Restraint System such as "AIR BAG" and "SEAT BELT PRE-TENSIONER", used along with a front seat belt, helps to reduce the risk or severity of injury to the driver and front passenger for certain types of collision. This system includes seat belt switch inputs and dual stage front air bag modules. The SRS system uses the seat belt switches to determine the front air bag deployment, and may only deploy one front air bag, depending on the severity of a collision and whether the front occupants are belted or unbelted.

Information necessary to service the system safely is included in the SR and SB section of this Service Manual.


  • To avoid rendering the SRS inoperative, which could increase the risk of personal injury or death in the event of a collision which would result in air bag inflation, all maintenance must be performed by an authorized NISSAN/INFINITI dealer.
  • Improper maintenance, including incorrect removal and installation of the SRS, can lead to personal injury caused by unintentional activation of the system. For removal of Spiral Cable and Air Bag Module, see the SR section.
  • Do not use electrical test equipment on any circuit related to the SRS unless instructed to in this Service Manual. SRS wiring harnesses can be identified by yellow and/or orange harnesses or harness connectors.



  • When working near the Airbag Diagnosis Sensor Unit or other Airbag System sensors with the Ignition ON or engine running, DO NOT use air or electric power tools or strike near the sensor(s) with a hammer. Heavy vibration could activate the sensor(s) and deploy the air bag(s), possibly causing serious injury.
  • When using air or electric power tools or hammers, always switch the Ignition OFF, disconnect the battery and wait at least three minutes before performing any service.



Component Parts Location

Component Parts Location

1. Combination meter 2. Combination switch (lighting and turn signal switch) 3. Key switch 4. Seat belt buckle switch LH 5. Front door switch LH 6. BCM (view with instrument panel removed) 7. ABS actuator and electric unit (control unit) 8. Parking brake switch (view with console removed)

Component Description

Component Description

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    The seat belt reminder warning continues sounding, or does not sound

    The light reminder warning does not sound

    The key warning does not sound (without intelligent key)

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