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  • Do not use electrical test equipment to check SRS circuits unless instructed to in this Service Manual.
  • Before servicing the SRS, turn ignition switch OFF, disconnect both battery cables and wait at least three minutes.

    For approximately three minutes after the cables are removed, it is still possible for the air bag and seat belt pre-tensioner to deploy. Therefore, do not work on any SRS connectors or wires until at least three minutes have passed.

  • Diagnosis sensor unit must always be installed with their arrow marks pointing towards the front of the vehicle for proper operation. Also check diagnosis sensor unit for cracks, deformities or rust before installation and replace as required.
  • The spiral cable must be aligned with the neutral position since its rotations are limited. Do not turn steering wheel and column after removal of steering gear.
  • Handle air bag module carefully. Always place driver and front passenger air bag modules with the pad side facing upward and seat mounted front side air bag module standing with the stud bolt side facing down.
  • Conduct self-diagnosis to check entire SRS for proper function after replacing any components.
  • After air bag inflates, the instrument panel assembly should be replaced if damaged.
  • Always replace instrument panel pad following front passenger air bag deployment.

Occupant Classification System

  • Replace occupant classification system control unit, system sensors, and passenger front seat frame as an assembly.

    Refer to SE "DRIVER SIDE : Removal and Installation".

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